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THANK YOU - A page of thanks to those people who've contributed to this site.

SUBMISSION FORM - How to submit a label scan to the website.


http://bigmikeydread.podOmatic.com - BigMikeyDread Radio online as a Podcast. Mike's Radio show, playing Jamaican Music from the 1950s to the present day.

http://houseofreggae.podOmatic.com - Ian's online radio podcast. Like Mikey's show I'm also showcasing the best of JA music throughout the decades and playing many of the tunes featured on this site.

http://bigmikeydread.wordpress.com/ - Mike's Blog, called Musical Traces.

AuctionSniper.com - Snipe eBay auctions... and win!
Getting fed up with the buggers getting the item you'd set your heart on at the last minute then try out this. Snipe eBay auctions... and win!

http://www.reggaeworldmusic.com - Online reggae radio station playing quality Jamaican music 24 hours a day. And amongst its illustrious line up is Ian's House of Reggae shows every Friday between 7pm - 9pm (UK Time)

http://www.rootsknottyroots.com/ Roots Knotty Roots is the most comprehensive reggae discography of 7" and 12" releases covering the 1950's - mid 80's. First it was available to buy as a book, then a CD-Rom and now it's having it's tens of thousands of entries transferred to this website. Pure reggae train spotter heaven!

www.roots-archives.com Great archive site of a comprehensive list of reggae lp's up to the
mid-80's. Great search facility makes it easy when looking for which lp a specific tune might
be on.

www.xs4all.nl/~tapirs/ Comprehensive on-line reggae discography of UK releases/labels.

http://djgreedyg.proboards77.com/ On-line reggae discussion board where me & Mike
and many more virtual friends spend far too much time discussing the intimate details of
long forgotten records.

www.bloodandfire.co.uk Website of Roots Reggae re-issue label. The discussion board on this
site is very informative, but mind your language as Mike has been banned from it!

www.dancecrasher.co.uk Reggae archive site featuring labels, articles and sound samples.
It's also the home site of London club night Tighten Up, where you'll usually find me on the first
Saturday of each month cutting a rug on the dance floor.

www.downbeat-special.co.uk Tribute site for Sir Coxsone Dodd and his Studio 1 label.
'Never Grow Old' and 'Downbeat Special', the Studio 1 singles and lp discography books,
are available to buy from this site.

www.dancehallreggae.com For all the latest JA sound system news and a busy discussion

www.mentomusic.com Essential site for learning about the real roots of Jamaican music.

www.reggaenews.co.uk On-line reggae magazine and shop for all that's going on in the UK.

www.skaville.de Does that ska tune sound familiar? Then check for it here, where ska, rocksteady
and early reggae cover versions are matched up to their soul, jazz, latin, r'n'b, pop and film
soundtrack originals. There's many surprising entries and gives me some great ideas when dj-ing.

www.xraymusic.co.uk On-line discographies of reggae legends Dennis Brown, King Tubby, Toots
& The Maytals & the Phase One label.

www.dubvendor.co.uk Legendary reggae shop in London it also provides an on-line service for all the latest releases and re-issues.

www.reggaerevive.com On-line shop from UK for all reggae re-issues.

www.reggaeunlimited.com/ On-line shop from UK for original reggae oldies.

www.oj36records.com On-line shop from Jamaica for all the latest Jamaican releases.

www.ebreggae.com On-line shop from USA for all the latest Jamaican releases and re-issues.

www.soundquake.com On-line shop from Germany for all the latest Jamaican releases with sound samples.

www.lionmusicden.com/ On-line shop from Japan for all the latest Jamaican releases with sound

www.rock-a-shacka.com/ Great re-issues available here of limited edition Prince Buster 7"s. These are the most lovingly re-created 7"s I've ever seen, with original artwork and specially designed sleeves. A lot of time and effort has gone into these so pick 'em up while they are still available

www.reggaefever.ch/ On-line shop from Switzerland that also has regular auctions of rare 7"s

www.soundsoftheuniverse.com/ On-line shop of the Soul Jazz record label where you can buy their great Studio 1 compilations

http://www.afflictedyard.com/ Fabulous site, alternative media, lovely looks.

http://www.raresounds.co.uk/ Blatant self promotion, this is one of Mike's (J.L.A.'s Co-Author) other sites. Dedicated to Roots Crooner Johnny Clarke and features the most complete discography available.

http://www.dancehallmusic.de/riddimbase.php Find a tune, riddim, artist, search and stream your results. Mainly good for Dancehall era vibes.

http://www.jamaicans.com/ Everything Jamaican, recipes and music alike.

http://www.1001fonts.com/ Oh yes, los of lovely Fonts to muck about with,... get downloading.

http://www.recordcollectorsguild.org/ Does exactly what it says on the tin, resource for collectors and madmen alike.

http://www.members.shaw.ca/dublp/ The Roi de Dub demonstrates some of his favorite slates.

http://www.moodiscrecords.com/ Moodisc Records, one of our favorite labels.

http://www.sternsmusic.com/ Lots of World Music here, including sweet Calypso and the like.

http://www.yazoorecords.com/ Yazoo, releasing ancient American music.

http://www.vinylcarvers.co.uk/ Get your own Dubplates cut here!

http://www.document-records.co.uk/ Old Jazz n' Blues Shoppe.

http://www.folkways.si.edu/index.html Folkways and Smithsonian's combined store. There are some fantastic recordings here. Including ancient Mento and Calypso, American String Band and Traditional & Early Blues. A MUST see.

http://www.mozilla.com/ If you don't have Mozilla Firefox's browser, go get it. This site looks much better when using it, and we recommend it.

http://www.scriptadvice.co.uk/ Mike's Wife's website, which he also designed.

http://www.algoriddim.com/ More reggae rhythm tracking devices put together by DJ Benja out of Chicago!

http://niceup.com/ Jammin' Reggae Archives, the links section is Mad!

http://www.ireggae.com/reggae.htm Nuff, more, Reggae Links site replete with Nuff more links.

Tighten Up London Reggae Night. One of, if not THE favourite night out for Ian and Mike, this site's authors.

http://upsetter.net/ Nothing sleepy about this gem of a site, arty and farty in a general Musical direction, without objection.

http://www.smokeyroom.net/ More upsetting business, with the Upsetter.

Small Axe Online 'Reggae Zine' Ray Hurford's little baby.

SNWMF Message Board Reggae Message Board, most worthwhile.

http://www.pressure.co.uk/pressuresounds/ Great Reggae Re-issuers.

Steve Rice A Reggae Deejay with a beautiful Website.

http://www.disciplesbslbm.co.uk/ - Russ D's Web Site, the location of Boom Shacka Lacka Sound System & Diciples releases.

http://littlekeny.free.fr/DiSCiPLES/ - Russ Diciples Bad Bwoy Broadcasts!

http://dancehallstyle.com/ - Captains Rub A Dub Archives.... wicked..

http://shaka.reggaeclub.org/  - Jah Shaka Dub Commandments, a full discography of Shaka's output, video and sound clips. All from the vundebar Manwell!

http://www.artvinyl.com -   Art Vinyl is the original way to display your favorite music and vinyl cover art.

http://www.norelevance.com/ - A great personal site showcasing labels, design and typograpghy from every day objects including a gallery of over 100 record labels from the 50's through to the 80's.

http://www.cooyah.info/ - Great Reggae Blog, featuring all the latest news from the world of reggae aswell as downloads of many classic sound system dances

http://www.mrsoundtapes.com/ - Stephen Taw's own site of Sound System Tapes (and this is one mighty list!) He's willing to trade for any you want from his list. Check it out!

http://www.ephemera.typepad.com - A great blog featuring and interviewing collectors and their collections of everday ephemera. (Me & Mikey have rcently been interviewed for it after the owner saw this site)

http://www.trenchtownreadingcentre.com - A community-run centre, library and school in the heart of Trench Town. They are also looking for people to donate books for their library, so if you can help then please do.

http://www.matsuli.blogspot.com/ - A great blog run by Matt Temple covering all styles of African music and featuring many rare records from his own collection

http://www.uncarved.org/blog/ - A great blog covering life in London from a reggae fan's viewpoint

http://www.springline-jamaica.com - A great site run by Sir Gibbs & Uncle Fee, featuring rare tunes, mixes and new releases on the Black Harmony Sound

http://www.yardie-reggae.com - For reviews of classic reggae albums and artists, check this site run by Klaus in Italy

http://www.ducktape.ca/chitchat/roypanton/ - For a fantastic in depth audio interview with ska legend Roy Panton, then check this site, where he relives his past glories of the early 60's alongside clips of his most famous tunes

http://www.skaspot.com - For all things ska, from the earliest sounds to the latest revivals, then check this site for podcasts, bands, videos, forums and a worldwide community of like minded ska fans

http://www.dubroom.org - A wide ranging website run by Messian Dread in Netherlands, its updated daily and features news, podcasts, reviews, forums and all things dub-wise

http://www.reggae-vibes.com - A huge and fantastic on-line resource including in-depth interviews with many reggae legends both past and present, aswell as reviews, sounds and so much more....

http://www.bbseaton.com - Website run by reggae legend BB Seaton of The Gaylads fame, promoting his successful career and selling CD compilations of his greatest recordings spanning the past 50 years!

http://www.keithpoppin.com - Another artist run website, this time by singer Keith Poppin, where you can also buy a Best Of compilation of his best 1970's recordings like Envious and Who Are You?

http://www.dubkasm.com - UK based roots and dub producer DJ Stryda who runs the Sufferah's Choice label and who kindly donated a couple of his labels for this site.

http://www.irielion.com - Great Dutch and Belgian reggae website with all the latest news of concerts, records, radio shows and links of everything thats going on.




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