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If you have a label you think we might be interested in you can submit it here!
We'd be very happy to receive it and should it be of interest we will place it on the website and credit you in the Thank You section (See Thanks).

It's mainly Jamaican music that we're interested in, but if you have a nice label from Guadeloupe of Bavarian beer songs, then that'll do. It's Caribbean label art we're interested in.

This is the important bit
The scan or picture you send should be in a .jpg file format at hopefully no less than 600X600 pixels, preferably scanned at a resolution of 200-600. This is to allow us to use a close up detail of the single when applicable.

PLEASE MAKE SURE you aren't sending us a label we already have AND at a large enough size to get a detail from (see above). We may not be able to include your contribution if you don't keep to these guidlines. Sorry..

Click the following e-mai links to mail your scan to either Ian or Mike as an attachment. Copy the below and paste it into the e-mail as text with your answers to the few questions...


Label Name? (If not obvious) -

Your Name or Nickname? -

Any Extra info you really want us to know about? -

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Thanks for your help - Mike & Ian @ J.L.A.

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